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  My name is Dustin Powell. Me and my wife Shawna are the owners of Non-stop Fitness. We have a beautiful daughter named Albany. I am a AFPA Certified Personal Trainer.  I have been around fitness my entire life. My Father trained at my Great Uncle Dale's fitness center when I was young. I learned a lot just from being in his facility and around everyone training there. Me and Shawna also of course played sports in school and have always enjoyed all sports. As well as training for events and games.



  We have well qualified personal trainers that can be hired to take you to your goals. I am a certified trainer as well and I can help with any questions you may have. I can also demonstrate how to use any or all of the equipment we have available. I can also give tips or even help you work up a routine to help you meet your goals.

            H.I.I.T. CLASS


  Try Sarah's H.I.I.T Class. If you want to lose weight and get into great shape you need join in the fun with Sarah Renick's High Intensity Interval Training Class. Don't be intimidated! Sarah designs a custom workout for each class and while she will push you she will help you to move at your own pace to improve over time.